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Tomato Samosa

Introducing our Chicken Floss Tomato Samosa Flavored Snacks, a tantalizing fusion of flavors, packaged in the vibrant spirit of Mahjong-inspired tiles. Elevate your snacking experience with this culinary delight, celebrating the rich blend of succulent chicken floss, tangy tomatoes, aromatic spices, and the crispiness of samosas, all enclosed in visually stunning and intricately designed packaging.


🀄️ Mahjong-Inspired Packaging: Immerse yourself in the artistry of our limited-edition packaging, meticulously crafted to echo the elegance and intricacy of Mahjong tiles. Each box is not just a container but a visual journey, capturing the essence of the game and the festivity of the occasion.


🍅 Tomato Samosa Fusion: Unveil the box to discover a burst of tangy goodness as our Chicken Floss Tomato Samosa Flavored Snacks take center stage. The succulence of chicken floss, the richness of tomatoes, and the aromatic spices create a culinary experience that blends tradition with contemporary zest.

🍗 Premium Chicken Floss: Indulge in the tender and flavorful essence of premium chicken floss, meticulously prepared to perfection. Each snack is generously filled, ensuring a delightful burst of savory goodness in every bite.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Elevate your gift-giving experience by presenting our Chicken Floss Tomato Samosa Flavored Snacks in this uniquely designed packaging. Share the joy and zest of the festive season with friends and family, offering not just a flavorful snack but also a visually delightful experience.

🍱 Reusability: Our Mahjong-inspired tile packaging is not just visually captivating but also practical. After savoring the Chicken Floss Tomato Samosa Flavored Snacks, repurpose the box to store small treasures, ensuring the festivity continues long after the snacking is done.

🥢 Share the Zest: Whether you're hosting a gathering or sending good wishes to loved ones, our Chicken Floss Tomato Samosa Flavored Snacks in Mahjong-inspired packaging add an extra layer of joy and cultural richness to your celebrations. It's a unique blend of tradition and innovation that brings people together.

Embrace the fusion of tradition and bold flavors with our Chicken Floss Tomato Samosa Flavored Snacks, where succulent chicken floss meets the tanginess of tomatoes, all enclosed in a box that pays homage to the timeless game of Mahjong. Make your snacking experience memorable with this delectable and visually captivating treat.

Tomato Samosa

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  • Tomato Samosa (番茄三角鸡肉松) - 400 Grams

    Dimensions: 24cm x 15 cm x 12 cm

    Ingredients: Flour, chicken seasoning powder, vegetable oil, garlic powder, sugar, MSG, salt, additives, carob flour, summer truffle, flavorings, preservatives

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