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Chng Kae (pronounced “Cheng Kay”) is Hokkien for banker (庄家). As in many card games, the banker position is usually the biggest and most favorable one. 

Many games consist of playing against the banker and this position also has an advantage against the other players. 

As with our brand, we aim to be a big player in the confectionery industry, thus pitting ourselves against the other players out there. However, our vision is to be the Chng Kae and set the industry benchmark for the best confectionery. 

With a nod towards our Chinese heritage, Chng Kae hopes to achieve a balance between traditional and modern values, in both aesthetics and belief.


Leon Chan, founder of Chng Kae, grew up in a long established family business dealing with durian confectionery. Helping the business out since a young age, Leon found his passion in the durian and confectionery industry and wishes to share with the world. 


In 2017, Leon Chan founded Golden Moments and this was highly successful among the younger generation before he sold the business.


Having seen both traditional and modern methods of producing and marketing products, he aims to find the perfect balance between the two. With this in mind, he started Chng Kae, a brand to spread traditional Chinese values in a delicious modern way. 


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